Abstract & Spiritual Molas From The Collection of Ann Parker and Avon Neal.

In 1977 the first “coffee table book” about molas was published. Molas was the joint effort of Avon Neal and Ann Parker, a husband-and-wife team that published a number of books about various art forms. For many mola collectors, their book was a jumping-off point. We read the book and “got the bug.” Ann’s splendid photography and Avon’s diligent, time-consuming, pre-internet research created a game-changing publication.

Ann and Avon’s taste in molas provided guidance for a lot of us. Their focus was clearly aimed at “story-telling” molas, often those that were inspired by photographs and drawings in magazines, newspapers and books from the U.S., Mexico and Europe. But their mola collection also included a large number of abstract and spiritually-focused molas. We have been fortunate to get to know Ann quite well (Avon has passed away), and have acquired a number of pieces from their collection. Shown here is an assortment of traditional (vs. acculturated) molas from the collection of Ann Parker & Avon Neal.

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