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The Mola Museum is a virtual museum dedicated to mola textiles -- and all the other art forms -- of the Gunadule people. (Also known as Kuna or Cuna or Guna people.) This web site is a project of the Kuna Art Society, a group of people who are passionate about the art of these wonderful people. The Gunas have done a remarkable job of integrating with modern society, while holding on to their traditional way of life. Their art forms -- mola textiles, spiritual healing figures (nuchugana or nuchu figures), authority staffs (orsuala or suar capolet), basketry, carved furniture, jewelry and ledger drawings -- are mostly unknown in the western world. Very few museums have permanent or temporary exhibits of Kuna art. We hope this web site helps fill this large gap in the world of fine art.

If you have questions about Kuna art, we will try to answer them. If you represent a museum and would like to borrow Kuna art from our collection, please contact us here.

Molas from the collection of the Kuna Art Society are currently on exhibit in Casco Viejo in Panama City at the Museo del Canal Interoceanico de Panama.

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